Everything will run remarkably smoother.

You’re more likely to stay within budget and on time with my attentive care. Moreover, I bring harmony and collaboration to your projects by having the delicate conversations on your behalf. My clients trust in me to prepare their homes with professionalism, efficiency, detailed precision and diligent follow thru.

How we’ll get started

We meet or email for an Introductory Consultation, where I’ll listen to what’s important to you, and we’ll discuss how to implement the appropriate support or system into your lifestyle. I tailor my services to meet any transition or specific need to arrive at a resolution through my resources and execution of a project.

  • I’ll ask about your goals, timeline, and budget.
  • I learn your preferences and personalize my service for you.
  • I outline and organize the scope of work for your project.
  • I adapt to the communication style that fits your schedule and level of involvement. 
  • Then I’ll direct, guide, lead, and collaborate as necessary through completion.
  • I’m tenacious, on your behalf, to complete your projects with the results that you desire.

Enlist my expertise today.

I work on a per-project basis, or on retainer. Depending upon the scope of the project, a 10-20 hour monthly retainer is usually necessary. Some projects may require a retainer over multiple months (such as a remodel), and others can be completed within one week on its own, or as part of a retainer.