Quotes from happy clients

“I am a busy Mom with three daughters. I also help care for my elderly parents and my husband travels often for work. I struggle to find time to manage all of the pieces in my life and having Carolyn Ciolkosz as a resource has been life-changing for me.”

“I have worked with Carolyn on multiple occasions over the past few years.  Each time Carolyn executes a project for me I think to myself two things: Why did I wait so long to enlist help? And, that was the best money I’ve ever spent.”

Carolyn is a master of all trades.  I have commissioned her to tackle a variety of projects for me and all have been completed with the utmost level of professionalism, care, precision and A+++ quality.”

“I utilized her services for a delicate project involving my parents, which she knocked out of the park. My parents had accumulated 50+ years of “STUFF” in their house. With incredible compassion CC spent many weeks purging, organizing, repurposing, donating, negotiating, resourcing, etc. and managed to whittle my parents’ belongings down to the bare minimum. I cannot express the gratitude I have for how intuitively and expertly CC handled the entire process.”

“I have obtained Carolyn’s services to help manage a few of my rental properties. She has vetted and secured tenants, orchestrated repairs, and maintenance, and staged properties for resale.”

A Recent Letter from a Client

The work that you perform has gone well beyond what we had originally envisioned. With any property, there can be unforeseen occurrences in addition to the scheduled maintenance. In each and every instance, you have helped us successfully navigate these occurrences large and small. You have mitigated many costly and stressful situations.

Once we agreed to work together you spent considerable time at our home, familiarizing yourself with all our systems- and there were many, considering this was an old structure with a mix of old and new. There are so many things that can come up when you reside in an old historic building. We have had our share of issues- some big, some disastrous, some small. With calm professionalism, you have handled them ALL. Frankly, we don’t know what we would do without you CC.

As you became familiar with the property and its history with regard to improvements, you started to build out an electronic property book. This included all information about our home – systems, contractors, maintenance schedules etc. I started to see maintenance schedules entered into our Gmail calendar so while I could drill down from the property book, I could also see clearly and easily what was being done by whom and when. The net impact was that we went through a challenging first winter where we were absent, with not one issue unresolved.

You met with all contractors who had been working at our house. You decided which contractors to keep, in order to maintain the professional level that you insisted on. Each change you made was very welcome and clearly needed. Amazingly, without even living here, our project came in on time and on budget. We have had many renovation projects, and this is the first one where we could say that we came in at expectation. You worked so well with our contractor and designer crews that they are now recommending you to their new customers!

– Richard M.